Anaconda Snakes

Forget Hollywood! The Most Dangerous And Exotic Reptiles Resource!

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Big Snake? You Bet It Is!

Big snakes can be hard to classify because everyone has a different definition of what classifies as big.  Though some snakes, such as the Python, can reach lengths of over 33 feet, there are others such as the rattler which can only be 5 feet in length and still be classified as big.  Most people [...]

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Can A Anaconda Snake Eat Me? Facts Here!

Yes indeed! The unlikely event of not being remotely interested in what do anaconda snakes actually eat to keep alive was likely non-existent before Jennifer Lopez and her movie, Anaconda! Am I right or what? Well, since you’re likely a snakes enthusiasts and probably a movie freak just like me, you arrived at this page [...]

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